I have only recently heard the word transmedia a few weeks ago. After googling, and watching numerous YouTube on transmedia, I understand the power of transmedia. The technology can be defined as storytelling or creating a storytale, using multiple platforms to grasp the interest of the consumers. Platforms meaning “types of media content that can be consumed by audiences” such as movies, television episodes, books, comics, novels, video games or even social media (Bain, Jensen, Sangruengkit, Silman & Zi, n.d). It is intriguing, suspenseful, and captives the audiences for wanting, and in someways needing more.

This image by Conductrr (n.d) displays why transmedia works so well with the audience. The platforms fit into a puzzle which develops through the platforms.

Featured image

(Conductrr, n.d.)

Transmedia is a tool which can be utilised in the marketing side of business. Here is a successful interactive transmedia story on Jay-Z’s release of his new autobiography Decoded.

This tool allowed me understand how Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers became so popular. These movies have released multiple movies, books, comics, video games and merchandise. Jenkins (2007) explains that transmedia targets the diverse population by providing different points of entry for the consumer. This allows the movie to attract a broader audience which will increase the popularity.

Click on this link to read further on types of transmedia and how storytelling can be expanded onto different platforms.

Studying to be a teacher I can see the potential of this tool to further their skills using digital devices. This could allow the students to be creative with ways they are going to present their stories, work in groups to collaborate, learning multiple digital devices and self learning through google and the web. It can also be used as a teaching resource, a way to grab the student’s interest with segments of different platforms through learning. In the classroom, Transmedia can be used to engage the students on the platforms they are familiar with and eager to learn from.

Here is a quick video on Transmedia.


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