What is a digital world?

With the words digital world, I automatically visualise New Yorkny. Big screens everywhere, constant advertising, lights flashing, basically a very busy world full of screens. Although in other parts of the world, screens are not plastered all over buildings, technology is a big part of our lives. Technology has changed the way we think, work and play. This is the world the children are growing up in. We live in a world that is reliant on computers and devices to complete our day to day tasks. The current generation are even considered ‘digital natives’ due to their reliance and use of the the internet and digital devices (Howell, 2012). Digital technology allows me to stay connected, have access to resources, videos, write journals, check the weather, keep up to date with sports and the list goes on and on.

Studying to be a primary teacher I was amazed as how much technology has evolved the way that lesson plans are taught and learnt. There is so much potential in educating the students on different platforms on a level they are eager to learn from (Prensky, 2008). Instead of the traditional teacher – students structure(teachers being in control of the learning environment and leading the learning), technology has changed the dynamics of a classroom. Teachers now have the role of “co-collaborator or eModerator” (Howell, 2012), they assist the students to guide their own learning using technology devices. It is important for the teachers to understand the digital devices in order apply the technology appropriately in class. Howell (2012, p.5) explains the relevance of teachers gaining a “digital pedagogy“: “to understand how to use technology effectively, understand the learning theories behind the practice and how to select the right technology for the learning outcome they seek”. To maximise the learning using digital devices, educators need to keep up to date with the evolving technology to educate the students on a platform they can relate to. The digital world is constantly evolving and part of all aspects of our lives. Could this be our  future?


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